Safe and Sound Denver is a grassroots effort of Denver residents who advocate for growing safe communities, with sound policy, to our elected officials.  We recognize Denver's challenge with affordable housing, community corrections, and homelessness, but Denver's zoning code amendment was pushed through during a pandemic, without authentic public engagement, by self-interested parties like service providers and developers. Get in touch with us: safeandsounddenver@gmail.com.


The Group Living Zoning Code Amendment is a complex, massive 200-page amendment to Denver's Zoning Code. It went into effect in February 2021. 

It allows:

  • Density in all single-family homes to increase a minimum of 150%  --  from 2 to 5 unrelated adults plus unlimited minor children -- in any size home

  • New 1-10 person 24/7 homeless shelters in all neighborhoods, with expansion to 100 persons for 130 days, and no buffer zone from schools


  • Up to 3 homeless shelters, within a 1 mile radius, in single family residential neighborhoods

  • Unlimited cars parked on the street

  • The removal of buffer zones between schools and community corrections facilities

  • The commercialization of single-family neighborhoods as service providers and investors buy limited, existing single-family housing