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The Board of Adjustment will hold a hearing for the appeal of the Park Hill United Methodist Church Safe Outdoor Space (SOS) site-specific permit on Tuesday, July 27, 2021.


This is different from the first hearing, where the overall SOS Determination was considered. The Determination authorized SOS camp/parking sites in every Denver neighborhood until December 31, 2023.


The SOS site in Park Hill is located in the church parking lot. The lot is directly adjacent to a children's daycare in the church. It is directly adjacent to family residences. Why is an SOS camp being placed so close to children when camp management includes:

  • Harm reduction = services include syringes, sharps containers, tourniquets, cookers, Narcan; privacy for drug use in individual tents

  • Low barrier = no drug test, no breathalyzer, no treatment or sobriety required

  • 7 out of 10 homeless people suffer from addiction to drugs/alcohol and/or mental illness

  • Camp residents are offered services, but not required to use services


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SUBJECT: Support of Appeal | Case No.48-2021, 49-2021, 59-2021

I support the appeals of the Park Hill United Methodist Church SOS permit.

I object to the placement of any harm reduction/low barrier facility -- in any form -- in residential neighborhoods and near schools, including an SOS camp in Park Hill.

The Mayor's Legislative Liaison stated, in public testimony, there are enough shelter beds for Denver's homeless. It is inhumane to allow people to live in tents; it is unconscionable to place children and neighbors at risk.

It is time for the City and its SOS contractors to be intellectually honest with the citizens of Denver and especially with affected neighborhoods.

I SUPPORT the appeals and ask the members of the Board of Adjustment to use common sense. Please vote FOR the appeals. 

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[insert council district or neighborhood here]