Sample excerpts from emails to the

Denver City Council Members 



City Council Members and Mayor Hanock,


I listened to Wednesday’s presentation by Andrew Webb regarding the recommended changes to the Group Living Zoning Amendment, and I want to express my strong concerns and opposition to what is happening.   


The Committee has lumped together so many major changes into this proposal that citizens cannot intelligently consider what the overall impact will be to our city. 


The Committee says new zoning regulations will “simplify” the Zoning code for the city. I disagree. It will, in fact, create a quagmire for residents and make it impossible for us to address our neighborhood’s needs. 



The proposed zoning changes push enforcement and monitoring onto residents while absolving the city zoning agencies of any responsibility for the effects of the changes. Citizens have been told we can call 311 or the police for help with violations, but there is no planned increase in staffing Neighborhood Inspection Services, police or fire.


Neighborhood communities are rightfully concerned about overcrowding, homeless shelters, and community corrections facilities in our neighborhoods without clear and defined rules regarding density, proximity to schools, and adequate community gathering places. 



 I am respectfully requesting that you VOTE NO on this amendment.

Safe and Sound Denver 

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