The following organizations and businesses submitted thoughtful analysis during the legislative process. Most of their concerns were not addressed in the final draft.

The most frequent request was to separate or debundle into more manageable sections,
ex., homelessness, halfway houses, extra roommates. 

Asking Denverites to consider a 200-page zoning code amendment is not good governance! 

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Bear Valley Improvement Association
Berkeley Regis United Neighbors
Cherry Creek North Neighborhood Association
Camber Realty
City Park Friends and Neighbors
Cranmer Park/Hilltop Civic Association
Country Club Historic Neighborhood Inc.
Glenbrook/Park West/Autumn Run RNO
Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation
Jefferson Park United Neighbors
Lowry United Neighbors
Matador North HOA - Lowry One
Montbello 20/20
Montbello Golden Age Club
Old San Rafael Neighborhood Organization
Point South Neighborhood RNO
Seventh Avenue Neighborhood Association
Seven Springs Neighborhood
Sloan's Lake Neighborhood Association
South Hilltop Neighborhood Association 
Southmoor Park East Homeowners Association
University Hills Neighborhood Association, RNO
Virginia Village/Ellis Community Association
Wellshire East HOA
Wellshire HOA
West Washington Park Neighborhood Association
Windsong HOA
Winston Downs Community Association