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Who endorses Safe and Sound Denver?

We were asked recently about endorsements. Who endorses our efforts?

Our endorsers are ordinary Denverites who believe in democracy, transparency, accountability, public process, citizen initiative, love their neighborhoods, and want a course-correction to this massive experiment in our neighborhoods.

We have always been a grassroots collaboration of Denver neighbors.We are a non-partisan group with supporters across the political spectrum. We are not public elected officials or their staff, mayoral appointees to agencies, departments, commissions or committees, city department/agency employees, city contractors, those who would profit from the Ordinance, or the central committee of a major political party.

We are David to the Group Living Amendment's Goliath.

We have no paid personnel except our treasurer. We are an all-volunteer, grassroots, neighborhood network of concerned Denver residents and we reside in neighborhoods all over the city.

First, are the thousands of Denverites who attended public meetings, researched the Group Living Amendment, asked questions, conducted analyses, and expressed concerns to Community Planning and Development and City Council and are part of the public record.

Second, are the thousands of Denverites who expressed support -- despite a pandemic lockdown -- via our petition.

Third, are the 100+ volunteers who carried petitions and conducted 44 signing events in 30 days to qualify this referendum to the November 2021 ballot.

Fourth, are the 13,558 verified registered Denver voters who signed the petitions -- residents who are concerned about the stability, peace, and safety of their neighborhoods.

Fifth, are people like you, who have signed up for our updates and share information with your family, friends, and neighbors.

That's the best kind of endorsement to have and we are grateful.

If you don't like what you see in Denver, If you are tired of the Mayor and City Council ignoring you, NOW IS THE TIME TO USE YOUR VOICE AND YOUR VOTE VOTE YES ON 2F

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