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The Safe Outdoor Space that was not safe | Part 1

Denver's Big Experiment

Death in the Grant Street SOS

Erica M was a resident in the camp. She died in the camp, in her tent. According to the police investigation report, the site director saw Erica on December 28, 2020. The site director stated she checked Erica's tent on December 30, 2020. Once she was able to break through the taped-from-the-inside opening and move items stacked against it, Erica was found dead, lying in a fetal position in multiple layers of clothing.

A 911 call was placed, police and EMS responded, but nothing could be done for the 34-year old woman who had celebrated a birthday about a month earlier.

Cause of death

A subsequent investigation ruled out homicide. Found among the chaos and clutter in her tent were used syringes, a sharps container with syringes, and a pipe. A bottle cap with residue was observed near her right elbow.

A Q-tip container with a bag of rock methamphetamine was observed near the 5'2, 140 lb. woman's right knee.

The physician who conducted the autopsy confirmed her cause of death as a drug overdose. The amount of meth found in her blood was almost 3x the fatal dose.

We have a question for the Mayor, City Council, SOS service providers, and media:

Why haven't we heard about Erica M? Where is the transparency and accountability in this big experiment?

Red full article HERE.

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