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The GLA is gaslighting voters

Do you know the details of transitional/supportive housing?

Gaslighting: an increasing frequency of systematically withholding factual information from, and/or providing false information to Do you know what housing use term is missing from the Group Living Amendment (GLA)? Transitional/supportive housing. It's another important DETAIL of the GLA. What is the definition of transitional/supportive housing? Transitional/supportive housing is free or reduced rent housing for people transitioning from the street, sanctioned camp, homeless shelter, or halfway house. Transitional/supportive housing can be a congregate living use = individual sleeping space with shared communal spaces. It can also be a regular household use (like yours) in a home or multi-unit building.

Are services (mental health services, job training, physical health clinics, case management, etc.) offered? Sometimes. Are services offered on-site? Sometimes. What policies are used?

  • Housing first = free or reduced rent

  • Harm reduction = syringes, sharps containers, tourniquets, cookers, Narcan provided; privacy for drug/alcohol use in individual space

  • Low barrier = no drug test, no breathalyzer, no treatment or sobriety required

  • Services are not required as a condition of residency

What are some examples of transitional/supportive housing?

  • Fusion Studios | 3737 Quebec | Managed by Colorado Coalition for the Homeless | opened Jan 2020

  • Beloved Community Village | 4401 Pearl St | Managed by Colorado Village Collaborative | opened 2019

  • Sanderson House Apartments | 1601 S Federal Blvd | Managed by Mental Health Center of Denver | opened Summer 2017

What are the impacts to residents and nearby neighbors?

David Heitz | Resident, Fusion Studios | 10/21/21

"The use and sale of illegal drugs is rampant in Denver homeless housing. The philosophy of places like Colorado Coalition for the Homeless is to provide housing first and work on addiction treatment second. Problem is, treatment never comes for many people living in homeless housing. Drugs are so prevalent there always is a dealer at the ready for meth, heroin, and crack. Most buildings have several drug dealers living in them...the Coalition uses a harm reduction approach to addiction treatment. That is, it is celebrated when drug use is reduced, even if it is not halted altogether. Many people living in my building have no food or toiletries because they have no income. But they always have drugs. I wish the Coalition could do more about the rampant drug activity in the building. Some people have lived here more than a year and still don’t work or do anything to try to better themselves. But they do plenty of drugs."

Dwayne Peterson | Resident, Beloved Community Village | 8/9/21

"I continue to witness and am now subject to criminal behavior by and from BCV residents and their guests. Neighbors across the street from, and the neighbors adjacent to BCV Village routinely complain about BCV residents. Drug engagement persists at BCV. There is a constituency of Caucasian residents stalking and verbally abusing individuals of color...Public sanitation is another problem...squalid conditions...Colorado Village Collaborative continues to ignore my complaints."

Councilman Kevin Flynn | Budget & Policy Committee | 11/19/20 Regarding Sanderson House: "George Torres who owns the restaurant keeps telling me it's not changed, it's not improved. Maddie Chavez, who owns the daycare right behind it is still having problems. Police calls at Sanderson run 19x higher than the market rate apartments on the other side of the gulch." @26:48 in the recording

Andrew Webb, Senior City Planner, Community Planning and Development, email dated 7/27/21:

"These terms...refer to housing that serves as a “bridge” between homelessness and permanent housing of some sort... where residents are “supported” with reduced or waived costs and voluntary access to medical, mental health and other support services.

They [transitional and supportive housing] are not defined in the Zoning Code.

Methods for providing residential care, shelter, transitional housing and other types of residential uses for vulnerable citizens are constantly evolving, so the code takes the approach of establishing clear criteria for determining the applicable type of use permit required rather than try to define every possible configuration ..."

Councilman Paul Kashmann, email dated 7/30/21:

"I don’t believe acceptance of services is mandated."

VOTE YES ON 2F Safety and stability in our neighborhoods -- details matter!

Authorized and paid for by Safe and Sound Denver Issue Committee

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