School Buffer Zones Removed

Group Living Amendment removes protections

Denver's Zoning Code is about to change and it will affect schools! One of many major changes in the massive, 200-page Group Living Zoning Code Amendment is the removal of buffer zones between schools and community corrections facilities.

The current Code requires a 1,500 ft buffer zone. The Amendment removes that protection, in conflict with the Denver Comprehensive 2040 Plan's values and vision of safe communities. [Strong and Authentic Neighborhoods; Goal #9 Ensure All Neighborhoods are Safe]

Homeless shelters allowed in all neighborhoods

Homeless shelters, previously restricted to non-residential areas, will be allowed in all residential neighborhoods. Type 1 shelters, with 1-10 guests, are specifically allowed in single-family neighborhoods.

These changes will affect schools in Denver -- public, private, charter -- and will take effect in February if the Amendment is approved.

We thought you should know!

There are approximately 94,000 students in Denver Public Schools, and thousands more in Denver private schools and home schools. We think parents and schools should be aware of this changing environment. Denver Public Schools, Denver Community Planning and Development, and City Council have not made an effort to inform our school communities. Please share with anyone who has a school-aged children in Denver.

Read full article HERE.

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