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Safe and Sound Denver Responds to the City and SOS Providers

Press Release

For Immediate Release

July 6, 2021

Denver - Safe and Sound Denver issued a series of explainers connecting the dots of Denver's big experiment with Safe Outdoor Spaces (SOS). Explainers can be found HERE, beginning with "How a Zoning Administrator Impacts Your Neighborhood."

The City and SOS service providers didn't like the expose.

The City’s response provided no factual basis and did not address accountability, transparency, or substantive issues of the camps. The service providers’ response was equally deflecting.

Let's review this April 2021 article which stated:

“The Denver zoning administrator would need to approve any future safe-camping sites.”

That’s our point.

Safe and Sound Denver conducted research and provided a more complete story of Denver's big SOS experiment.

Safe and Sound Denver highlights the details and the impacts of the Group Living Amendment (GLA). The subject of Safe Outdoor Space (SOS) camps is no different from many other facets of the GLA that we have highlighted over the last year. Safe and Sound Denver strives to educate with sourced facts. We have a consistent record of solid information.

Safe Outdoor Space (SOS) camps tie directly to the Group Living Amendment via the Zoning Administrator's sole authority to issue a permit for them. The permit is issued without notice and without recourse for neighbors of the sites. The sites, which were originally operating until the COVID-19 health orders expire, will now operate until December 31, 2023 due to the Zoning Administrator's singular determination.

The Zoning Administrator’s authority was expanded exponentially in the Group Living Amendment. The new "super powers" were buried on page 169 of the 200-page Group Living Amendment. The new Emergency Provisions (Section 11.2.12) allow a slew of expansions and suspensions.

The mission of Safe and Sound Denver (SSD) is narrow and defined. We transitioned from a grassroots collaborative lobbying City Council in 2020 to an issue committee with the goal of repealing the Group Living Amendment in 2021.

A referendum (repeal) of the Group Living Amendment was certified to the November 2021 ballot with over 19,000 signatures submitted.

Safe and Sound Denver is a non-partisan group of Denver neighbors who champion a voice and a choice regarding housing uses in our neighborhoods.


About Safe and Sound Denver

Safe and Sound Denver originated in 2020 as a grass-roots collaboration of concerned Denver neighbors from across the city, who opposed the massive zoning code changes of the Group Living Amendment. We are concerned about the real impacts of increased density in single family homes, redefined residential care to include homeless shelters in all residential neighborhoods, increased area where community corrections/halfway houses are allowed by 450%, the removal of historic buffer zones between schools and community corrections/halfway houses, as well as parking and infrastructure stressors.

Contact: Authorized and paid for by Safe and Sound Denver Issue Committee

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