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Rules schmules

Rules don't really matter, do they?

Denver's campaign finance law places restrictions on Denver's public elected officials and employees when a ballot issue or referendum is certified to the ballot. They are restricted from using more than $50 in public funds to oppose or support a ballot measure. They may express a personal opinion, expend personal funds, or make personal contributions.

The Group Living Amendment (GLA) originated in Mayor's Office. It was sponsored by Councilwoman Kniech. There is a massive amount of political capital invested in the GLA.

Does this look personal to you? Is this what Denver voters expect of their elected officials?

One council person stated:

"Before every election, the City Attorney’s Office provides Council members with a memo outlining election policies.
This is a confidential legal memo so I cannot share it with you.
However, the answer to your question is that Council members (and all city staff) cannot use city resources to campaign for or against any specific person or ballot measure. Council members who are opposing the group living repeal are doing so in their own personal time."

Why would a memo regarding

a PUBLIC campaign finance law

to PUBLIC elected officials

be hidden from the PUBLIC citizens

who elected them to PUBLIC office?

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