Lawsuit Against Mayor: Ruling Expected Soon

Transparency vs Secrecy | Group Living Amendment

Court Hearing Held

Denver District Court Judge Michael Vallejos heard arguments on Thursday, January 6, concerning a request to the Mayor's office under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA). The records request that the Mayor’s office denied pertained to the formation of the influential Group Living Advisory Committee, which drafted the Group Living Amendment. After hearing more than two hours of testimony and asking a series of thoughtful questions, Judge Vallejos indicated he would issue a ruling soon.

What's the Problem?

At issue are 49 pages of documents which include emails and email attachments with the Mayor's legislative liaison, key City employees, and two at-large council members involved in the formation of the powerful Group Living Advisory Committee (GLAC). The Mayor has stated the Group Living Amendment came from "a community task force" but records point to the Mayor's office. Public comment records show 80% opposition to the proposal. Which "community" is really benefiting from the massive proposed changes?

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