Lawsuit Against Mayor: Documents Confirm Shell Game

Court-ordered documents released from the Mayor's office confirm the Group Living Advisory Committee was chosen by the Mayor's office and two City Council members. The group was intentionally stacked with advocates who supported the Amendment's objectives.

The Mayor's office initially refused to produce documents through a Colorado Open Records Request but a Denver District Court judge found 97% of the documents were not protected by attorney-client or deliberative process privilege.

"This Amendment has always been about shifting the City's failures with community corrections, homelessness, and affordable housing into the neighborhoods of hard-working, responsible, tax-paying, stable Denver residents," said Plaintiff Florence Sebern.

"It's a shell game. Most Denverites are not aware of the massive, complex, permanent change to their neighborhood zoning. The Amendment allows homeless shelters in every neighborhood, allows community corrections facilities with no buffer zones from schools, and allows 150% increase in unrelated adults/household, no matter the house size. This was created by a partnership of profiteers and politicians. It will change the nature of all Denver neighborhoods, but especially single-family neighborhoods," said Sebern.

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