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Is Denver's zoning code racist and restrictive?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

That's what our opponents say.

Fact vs Fiction

Denver's zoning code underwent a massive progressive overhaul in 2010. The public process started in 2005 under the administration of then-Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. It passed with a unanimous vote of City Council in June 2010. The CPD contact for the bill was Tina Axelrad, Principal City Planner, now Denver's Zoning Administrator. Then-Councilman Michael B. Hancock supported the changes.

The Staff Report stated:

"After significant public and stakeholder outreach, participation, and input over the past five years, the Community Planning and Development Department is pleased to present for the City Council’s final decision the first comprehensive citywide amendment of the City of Denver’s zoning code since 1956."

The changes were:

“a complete re-examination of zoning classifications and the zone map…[because] [t]he existing regulatory system was designed to reflect the values and aspirations of another era; today, it encumbers reasonable, healthy development reflecting the needs, values and vision of our times.”

"Councilman Michael Hancock predicts that passage of the code will amount to 'the greatest economic development decision this council will make at the turn of the century.'" 5280 Magazine, 6/22/2010

2010 City Council

Michael B. Hancock (D) Paul López (D) Judy Montero (D) Paula Sandoval (D) Carol Boigon (D) Charlie Brown (D) Jeanne Faatz (R) Marsha Johnson (D) Peggy Lehmann (D)

Doug Linkhart (D) Carla Madison (D) Christopher Nevitt (D) Jeanne Robb (D)

Was Community Planning and Development, City Council, and then-Mayor Hickenlooper racist and restrictive in 2010? Or is this a desperate play -- 11 years later -- in the hope we won't remember?

The Group Living Amendment was written by those who will drastically change our neighborhoods and profit from it. Don't buy the lie!

VOTE YES ON 2F Authorized and paid for by Safe and Sound Denver Issue Committee

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