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Explainer: how a Zoning Administrator impacts your neighborhood

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Denver Zoning Administrator 101

What is a Zoning Administrator?

Denver's Zoning Administrator has sole authority for making determinations, interpretations, and clarifications of Denver's two zoning codes -- Denver Zoning Code and Chapter 59. (Article 12.4.6)

What does that mean?

As an example, Denver's Zoning Administrator is the sole authority to make a determination and issue a permit for sanctioned homeless camp sites and sanctioned homeless parking sites.

Can a sanctioned homeless camp site be placed next door to you?

Yes, the Zoning Administrator can issue a permit for a homeless camp/parking site anywhere in the city, in all Denver Zoning Code and Chapter 59 zones. Remember, Denver has two zoning codes, which create confusion, inequity, and increased costs across the city.

Read full article HERE.

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