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Does the Group Living Amendment = affordable housing?

No. It's a big experiment!

Our opponent's main talking point is that the Group Living Amendment produces affordable housing options. Is that statement true?

No. And they knew it from the beginning.

The Group Living Advisory Committee Charter, February 2018, clearly stated:

"The following items are specifically excluded from the committee’s scope of work:
General issues around affordable housing or affordability of housing options
While these issues are important and related, they cannot be resolved in the zoning code."
Group Living Advisory Committee Charter, Scope of Work, pg. 2

According to Community Planning and Development (CPD), the owner-occupant-to investor rate of Denver homes is 49%. That means that half of our neighborhoods could increase in density -- not affordability -- with the Group Living Amendment.

Does City Council know affordable housing is not guaranteed? Yes.

"Money seeks it's own level...I'm concerned about the impact of this on displacement...through increase in prices, rents rising...that's going to drive up rents for a family...if I'm a landlord why would I rent to a young couple for $1600-1800 for a bungalow in Brentwood when I can rent to 5 white guys looking to buddy up, charge them each $800 and get $4,000 out of it? This is going to increase rents." Councilman Kevin Flynn

What do you think will happen to your neighborhood once the "powers that think they know better" get what they want?

A very different neighborhood? Very likely! Is that what YOU want?


Safety and stability in our neighborhoods -- details matter!

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