Denver's Safe Outdoor Space that was not safe | Part 4

Denver's Big Experiment

No transparency, no accountability

The Mayor and City Council's SOS camp experiment is always portrayed in a positive light, with clean, organized tents -- not the reality of Erica M's trashed and drug paraphernalia-littered one. We are spoon-fed City press releases and service provider talking points.

There is no data from the pilot programs and a drug-overdose death in the Grant Street camp was hushed.

Where are the objective pros and cons? Where is the honest conversation?

An avalanche of funding, a rush to expand the experiment

"At $107 million, Denver is one of the few American cities to have participated in a federal program to house and support homeless people who were at high risk of dying or becoming seriously ill from COVID-19. According to an analysis by the nonprofit Grist, only 23 American local governments participated in the program."

Extended date for the "temporary" SOS camp sites The Zoning Administrator is extending the "temporary" end date for SOS sites to December 31, 2023.

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