Denver Clerk issues campaign finance violation to 2F opponent

Together Colorado not compliant

The Denver Clerk's office issued a notice of violation for a flyer that was used in a canvass effort by Together Colorado.

Together Colorado is one of the action arms of 2F opponent Keep Denver Housed, but has not registered or reported activity and expenditures.

"Vote YES ON 2F to send a clear message to Denver leadership that these shenanigans are not acceptable, said Florence Sebern, of Safe and Sound Denver

"The Group Living Amendment (GLA) was crafted and supported by organizations who directly benefit from it. The passage of the GLA was skewed and a foregone conclusion. We've stated that from the beginning and continue to prove it, over and over," stated Florence Sebern.

"The Denver Clerk and Recorder's office received a photocopy of the attached flyer on October 19, 2021, in opposition to ballot issue 2F. The flyer reports that is [sic] it paid for by Together Colorado. However, Together Colorado is not a registered committee with our office.
DRMC 15-42(c) states that a communication paid for by an entity outside of a registered committee but authorized by the committee must 'clearly state that the communication is paid for by such other persons and authorized by the candidate, candidate committee, issue committee, or political committee.' "
Letter from Denver Clerk and Recorder's Office, Denver Campaign Finance Division, to Together Colorado and Keep Denver Housed, dated October 21, 2021

VOTE YES ON 2F Safety and stability in our neighborhoods -- details matter!

Authorized and paid for by Safe and Sound Denver Issue Committee

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