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Clerk's campaign finance administrator refuses to act

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Too many heavy-hitters in apparent violation

The Denver Clerk's Campaign Finance Manager suddenly reversed course and refused to answer questions or take action regarding other apparent violations, after he made a determination and issued a notice of violation to Together Colorado and Keep Denver Housed.

In other words, the Clerk and his Campaign Finance Administrator refuse to do the job taxpayers pay them to do.

Safe and Sound Denver submitted queries and documentation regarding apparent violations for:

  • Mayor Michael Hancock

  • Councilwoman Stacie Gilmore

  • Councilwoman Robin Kniech

  • Councilwoman Debbie Ortega

  • Councilwoman Amanda Sandoval

  • Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca

  • Councilman Chris Hinds

  • Councilwoman Jamie Torres

  • Councilman Jolon Clark

  • Councilwoman Kendra Black

  • Councilman Paul Kashmann

  • Britta Fisher, Denver Chief Housing Officer

  • Denver Democratic Party

  • Working Families Party

  • YIMBY Denver

  • Mothers Advocating for Affordable Housing,

  • AARP Colorado

  • Enterprise Community Partners

  • Progress Now Colorado

The Clerk is responsible, under the provision cited in the Together Colorado/Keep Denver Housed notice, to
"...notify the committee or person involved if the clerk and recorder makes a determination of an apparent violation. The receiving committee or person will have ten (10) days from the date of notice of an apparent violation to correct any violation of this article, including failure to file complete reports as required by section 15-35."
D.R.M.C. 15-39(3), Duties of the Clerk and Recorder

The Clerk's Campaign Finance Administrator initially responded to the additional queries regarding similar violations. That ended abruptly on Tuesday, with a brief email statement, "We are unable to ascertain if any campaign finance violations have occurred under Denver campaign finance law...if you believe a violation of campaign finance law has occurred, the next step is to file a complaint for further investigation."

The Campaign Finance Administrator is a former paid campaign consultant in Clerk Lopez's 2019 campaign, a former paid staffer in another 2019 high-profile campaign, a former paid fundraiser for a Council member, a campaign contributor to another Council member, and is currently running for elected office in Englewood..

"The Group Living Amendment (GLA) was crafted and supported by the Mayor, City Council, and organizations who directly benefit from it. The passage of the GLA was a foregone conclusion. It's a web of power, influence, and money," stated Florence Sebern of Safe and Sound Denver.

"We are living with a strong-arm government, not a representative democracy. Vote YES on 2F to send a clear message to Denver's leadership!"

VOTE YES ON 2F Safety and stability in our neighborhoods -- details matter!

Authorized and paid for by Safe and Sound Denver Issue Committee

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