City's PR Team Lobbys for Group Living Amendment

The Office of Storytelling Spins Tales

Just three days after the Mayor's Office lost in district court and was ordered to release documents about the origins of the Group Living Advisory Committee (GLAC), the City tweeted a promotional video, made by the Office of Storytelling, for two Group Living Advisory Committee members and their for-profit business.

The City's tweet also promoted the Group Living Amendment.

"On March 21, 2019 Mayor Michael Hancock launched Denver's Office of Storytelling, headed by the city's new Chief Storyteller, who just happens to be a former Hancock aide." [Westword, March 25, 2019]

Court-ordered documents, obtained from the Mayor's office, confirmed the Amendment originated in the Mayor's office.

Why is the City's PR team using tax dollars to promote a business that will profit from the Amendment?

Why is the City's PR team lobbying with OUR tax dollars?

Ethics isn't something you say; it's something you do. We expect better from the Mayor and his administration.

Read more HERE.

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