CBS Channel 4 | Denver Resident Wins Open Records Lawsuit for Group Living Documents

A judge has ruled the Mayor's office must turn over public records regarding its controversial proposal to amend the city’s group living rules. This, after a private citizen filed suit against the city when it denied her open records request for the documents.

“It looks to me like the task force was comprised of those who will benefit directly from their own decisions, and that does not necessarily mean that it’s going to benefit the community at large,” said Florence Sebern, who filed the suit against the city.

“I think it’s important for the public to know how disgraceful it really is to have to do something like this. The CORA request was for documents that we should have rightfully received from the beginning,” Sebern said. “I think the bottom line to this is that the citizens of Denver worked very hard to support themselves and to pay their taxes. Our tax money pays those in public positions, who then turn around and stick it to us, then we have to go back to our hard earned money to bring a court challenge to hold them accountable when they’re negligent in their duty to us. I think that’s very sobering.”

See full report HERE.

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