Map of Exempt Areas

Exempt Areas Where the Group Living Amendment Does Not Apply

Denver operates with two zoning codes:

1) Denver Zoning Code, revised in 2010

2) Chapter 59, the previous code still in effect in over 20% of Denver


Chapter 59 consists of areas where Planned Urban Development (PUD) with conditions and waivers (deals with developers) made it difficult to incorporate into the 2010 revision. Those areas were to be incorporated after the fact, but Community Planning and Development (CPD) has not done their job -- 11 years later.  

Instead, CPD rolled out the massive, complex, 200-page Group Living Zoning Code Amendment (GLA) and Chapter 59 areas are exempt.

There was no disclosure of exemptions during the two-year drafting process for the GLA.


Other exempted areas include 95 Metropolitan Districts (a developer tool to offset their costs) and 998 Home Owners Associations. 

After the GLA was passed in February 2021, City Council passed Ordinance 21-0213 which applied the household definition of the GLA to Chapter 59 areas. This means the increased density in single-family homes applies to Chapter 59 -- 5 adults and any minor children in any size house. All other provisions of the GLA do not apply in Chapter 59, i.e., placement of homeless shelters, halfway houses, transitional/supportive housing.


The GLA was marketed as increasing equity. Equity = free of bias or privilege. 


This Amendment does not promote equity -- it perpetuates it.

The Mayor, City Council President, and two additional Council members personally reside in Chapter 59 zones.