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Safe and Sound Denver is a grassroots effort of Denver residents who
advocate for the safety and well being of our neighborhoods. 

We recognize Denver's challenge with affordable housing,
halfway houses, and homelessness,
but this zoning code amendment was pushed through during a pandemic,
without authentic public engagement,
by self-interested parties like service providers and developers.

Our goal
Maintain the stability of our communities with sound policy
that supports the long-term growth of Denver.

Our focus
Repeal the Group Living Zoning Code Amendment!
This sea change to Denver's zoning benefits profiteers. 
It uses our neighborhoods  and our lives in a major, unproven experiment. 
We should have a voice and a choice about housing in our neighborhoods.
City Council and the Mayor didn't listen -- now it's our turn.

Our call to action
Vote YES on 2F!  Spread the word to family, friends, and neighbors.
Share our icon on social media -- see the Share on Social tab.

Keep Denver from becoming like
Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

Contact us:

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