Safe and Sound Denver is a grassroots effort of Denver residents who advocate for the safety and well being of our neighborhoods.

The proposed Group Living Zoning Code Amendment is a massive, complex, 200-page amendment to Denver's Zoning Code. It will go into effect in February.

The revised changes will:

   > allow density in all single-family homes to increase a minimum of 150%  --  from 2 to 5 unrelated adults plus unlimited minor children -- in any size home, during a time of COVID-19 crowding concerns resulting in increased trash, noise, parking, and infrastructure problems

   > allow new 1-10 person 24/7 homeless shelters in all neighborhoods, with expansion to 100 guests for 130 days, and no buffer from schools


  > allow up to 3 homeless shelters within a 1 mile radius in single family residential neighborhoods

  > allow unlimited cars per household

  > remove buffer zones between schools and community corrections facilities

  > prohibit ability of neighbors to object to homeless shelters; notification only

  > commercialize single-family neighborhoods as service providers and investors buy limited, existing single-family housing stock

Minimal compromise on massive overreach is not acceptable:

it's a politician's game

Tell City Council: NO Group Living Amendment!

Final City Council Public Hearing and Vote
Monday | February 8, 2021 | 5:30 p.m.




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