Safe and Sound Denver is a grassroots effort of Denver residents who advocate for the safety and well being of our neighborhoods.


We have serious concerns about the Group Living Zoning Code Amendment, its massive changes, and using single-family neighborhoods as an experiment.


The Group Living Zoning Code Amendment will: 

  • allow density in all single-family neighborhoods to increase from 2 to 5-10 unrelated adults PLUS any number related to each, in a time of Covid-19 crowding concerns

  • allow new 1-10 person community corrections and homeless shelters in all neighborhoods, with no limitations

  • allow new 11-40 person community corrections and homeless shelters in many neighborhoods (12,000 sf lots), with few limitations

  • encourage commercialization of single-family neighborhoods as operators and investors buy existing housing stock instead of owner-occupants

We support safe neighborhoods and sound policy in Denver.

Please join us!


Safe and Sound Denver 

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